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Brand Palette
Green Brand
Black Mine Shaft
Green is the visual representation of our brand. It is used in the logo, marketing materials and interface components. Usage in our digital products should be carefully considered.
Content Palette
Grey Raven
Grey Lynch
Grey Regent
Grey Iron
Grey Periwinkle
We use a grey content palette to give heirarchy to text elements. To improve accessibility for all our users, we use Black Mine Shaft (#333333) and Grey Raven (#6E7687) for text. These colors pass contrast tests (12:1, 4.5:1) and ensure legibility between the background and text.
  • Use Grey Regent, Grey Iron or Grey Periwinkle for text elements. These colors should be used for borders.
Complementary Palette
Grey Bright
Blue Azure
Green Silver
Teal Elm
Teal Keppel
Complementary shades to our brand color allow us to build a colorful, yet harmonious UI. This versatility is helpful when creating sections and campaigns for our products and protecting our brand colours from being overused.
  • Extend this color palette.
Utility Palette
Blue Curious
Green Salem
Red Pomegranate
Sorbus Orange
Yellow Sin
We use these colours to draw attention to the most important elements of the interface, buttons, links and system messages.