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We use Bitter to create bold headlines that complement our illustrative style.
IBM Plex Serif Pro
We use IBM Plex Serif for editorial storytelling.
System (San Francisco, Segoe UI, Roboto)
We use system fonts to improve performance and create consistency across devices.
We use Menlo to ensure our code blocks are readable and easy to follow.
We use a 6px baseline grid to define heirarchy and create visual harmony between the interface and our typography.

H1, 48px, 1.125

H2, 42px, 1.25

H3, 32px, 1.35

H4 27px, 1.35

H5 18px, 1.45
Article, 18px, 1.58
Body — System, 15px, 1.45
  • Extend the scale to your requirements 60px, 72px...
  • Use multiples of the baseline (3px) to create additional font sizes (9px, 15px, 27px).

Typeface Package

Download the font files for our digital products (Bitter & IBM Plex Serif).